The Sheepfold holds to the major and essential tenets of the Christian faith, such as the Deity of Jesus Christ, His bodily resurrection, the Trinitarian nature of God, Scriptural inerrancy, etc. In short, we are simply brothers and sisters in Christ who share a common vision regarding the local assembly.  We:

  • Meet in a Christ-centered, Bible-teaching, relationally-based atmosphere.
  • Look to the New Testament church as a pattern for our fellowship.
  • Endeavor to be a nurturing community centered around mutual love, accountability and shared life.
  • Cultivate and give full expression to the priesthood of all believers under the sovereign headship of Christ.
  • See fellowship as a corporate vessel through which the Lord Jesus may fully express His life and ministry of love, truth, healing, restoration, and reconciliation.
  • Regard “church” as the fellowship of individuals, not the building in which they meet.
  • Do not regard the presence of an “ordained” individual as essential for a full worship experience to take place.
  • Also see Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Amos 3:3,  Matthew 5:14-16; 16:18, 18:20, I Corinthians 3:7, and related.

The Sheepfold – – “No buildings, no budgets, no big shots.”


2 Responses to “What We Believe”

  1. Rick W Says:

    Love your thought! We are in a slightly rural section of Alaska and have been out of the IC for 1 year now. Great journey but are looking around here for non religious Christians and so far still waiting of the Spirit to lead us or them to a meeting. Thanks for having the Sheepfold site! Grace to You

    1. HEvencense Says:

      You’re welcome.

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