Sun-swathed and sapphire, Sunday poured out balmy breezes and a flawless curve of blue sky.   Sprays of purple, blue, crimson and pink Rhododendrons lit up fences and yards like neon signs.  Rivers and waterfalls speared slashes of glittering sun and toss them ashore willy-nilly.   Tickling the thermometer at seventy degrees, the day sashayed in with an “all is well with the world” promenade.

Here on the soggy rim of the Olympic Peninsula, a beautiful, sunny day like this is one to grab while the grabbin’s good.

After brunch  we nabbed Bibles, camp chairs, water and sun screen (!) and dashed up to one of the beautiful bluffs overlooking the harbor.  We spent half an hour or so gratefully looking at and listening to signs of Spring – twittering song birds, sun-scrubbed skies, budding tulips and daffodils.  Our worship time focused on God’s awesome creation, creativity and grace.

There’s something to be said for singing and sharing communion under a canopy of blue sky and soaring cedar trees!