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“Organic” church? “Simple” church?   That sounds weird.

Actually, “simple” church isn’t that “weird.”  It’s not even new.  It’s “lowering the bar on how we ‘do church’ and raising the bar on what it means to be a disciple.”  It’s as old as the first century and the New Testament.   In fact, “simple” church is so  ancient, it’s future.

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Times are changing.

More and more people are crying out for authentic encounters with God and communities of friends.  Many long to experience church in a fresh, simple way.  They long for something more–organic.

More and more Christians are saying:

“I love the Lord Jesus.  I love his Word.  But I just can’t keep ‘doing church’ the way I have been.  Can you help?”

That’s what “simple church” church is about.

“Simple” or “organic” church is an old concept.  In fact, it’s so old, it’s new.  It’s New Testament ancient –  yet as  future as next year’s news.  An “organic” church is made up of living things and is very much alive.  Everyone participates.  Everyone contributes.  Organic church begins where the lost are, bringing church to people rather than bringing people to the church.

As an “organic” or “simple” church, The Sheepfold isn’t about a building or paid staff.  We’re about relationships: with God, the family of God, and those who do not yet know God.  We gather around the Scriptures to study, learn, grow, and serve one another and Christ without church buildings, professional clergy, denominations or formalized Sunday worship programs.

We see church not as a place to “go” or something we “do,” but as who we are.

Is “simple church” a “cop-out”?  Is it a place where disgruntled ex-parishioners meet to whine and complain about their last church experience?  Is simple church for people who don’t want to “take responsibility” for their church and relationships?  Is it a place to hide, be anonymous and flakey?

See: “Simple Church Responsibility” with Floyd McClung.