I visited a local church web site the other day.   “The web site has been recently updated” Lois enthused.  “Lots of cool stuff here.  XYZ Church is one happenin’ place!”


And that may be so.  But I had to wonder, based on what the web site communicated, perhaps inadvertently.


The home page featured one slide after another of … the building.  Four walls and a roof.  Now, it’s a beautiful building, no question.  Vaunted ceilings.  Stained-glass windows.  Professional landscaping.  Photos of the interior showed more of the same.  Plush carpet.  Color-coordinated decor.  A state-of-the-art sound system.


This outfit had obviously spent considerable thought and no small sum of money to look good.  The home page also listed service times, upcoming events and a welcome message.


What struck me, however, was the lack of people.  I mean, not a single face appeared on the entire home page.   Not one.  Every single photo pictured a building from various angles, inside and out.


Is that what we’ve settled for, “church” as four walls and a roof?  How does that square with the New Testament model?