“The arrangement and mood of the building conditions the congregation toward passivity.  The pulpit platform acts like a stage, and the congregation occupies the theater.  In short, Christian architecture has stalemated the functioning of God’s people since it was born in the fourth century.” – Viola and Barna, Pagan Christianity

Have we become so used to tending the “shoreline” that we’ve missed the deep water of walking with Jesus?

How about “church” in a family-type setting rather than an “institutionalized” one?  How about meeting in homes, living rooms, coffee shops, parks, or wherever the people are?  How about “lowering the bar of how we ‘do church’ and raising the bar of what it means to be a disciple?  How about being Jesus’ “hands and feet” wherever we are, instead of for an hour a week inside a building with a steeple on top?