By Gerald Rohrer

Original Title: Biker Gang Does Better Job Showing Love of Jesus

“I saw the best example of Christians having something to offer at a local motorcycle swap meet a few years ago.

“I had a booth with some stuff for sale. Two to three couples from the Christian motorcycle club Tribe of Judah were just hanging out in an open area about 30 feet from my booth. All afternoon some of the roughest bikers I had ever seen in the area walked by and as soon as they would see the Tribe of Judah members, they would walk up to them, greet and hug them.

“It was so opposite of the norm.

“Hardcore bikers, whose club logos included profanity and obscene gestures, walking up to the Tribe of Judah members, who’s logo has a cross and Jesus Christ in big letters, and greeting them like they were family.

“I’d see these guys coming down the aisle of the swap meet, looking like they were ready to kill somebody and then after bumping into the Tribe of Judah they’d be walking away with smiles on their faces. There was absolutely no doubt that these hardcore bikers KNEW that the Tribe of Judah members genuinely cared about them.

“Among the hard core clubs that I saw in attendance extremely few of them would talk to members from other clubs. The only club that I saw other clubs associating with all day was the Tribe of Judah.

“There were a number of members of the Christian Motorcyclist Association in attendance as well, but they were busy singing songs and doing the stereotypical ministry work to which few were paying any attention.

“The Tribe of Judah group was an amazing example of Christians sharing the love of Christ to others without the slightest hint of judgement toward anyone. They were clearly a light shining in the darkness and those in the darkness were attracted to them almost like they were magnetic. I had never before seen any ministry draw outsiders to themselves in that way and haven’t seen it since either.

“It was amazing and awesome.”