Human relationships should drive us to distraction and to worship.” writes Dan Allendar in The Healing Path.

Interesting view, isn’t it?  When’s the last time you sat down with a friend, co-worker, neighbor of family member and said, “Hey!  You’re driving me to distraction and to worship”?


Actually, Allender’s assertion makes perfect sense from a certain point of view.  Why?  Because the more involved we are with any person, the more we need God.  Our joint failures and sin will lead us either to divide or to cling to God more tenaciously.  The more we cling to G0d, the more we will turn to each other – available and broken, “response-able” and playful, accountable and at rest.  As Allendar says, “The more moments of rest we enjoy with others, the more we will be in awe of them, grateful for their love.”

“Awe and gratitude are the fundamental. Building blocks of worship.  I am to look at you and scratch my head in wonder: `Why do you still love me so well?  Why have you not abandoned me?  Why do you still like me, knowing me as you do?’  I am to be in awe about your love and your faithfulness to me.  And I am to go beyond admiring you, to thanking you for staying with me on the path.

Who’s with you on the path?