In What to Do When You No Longer Like Church, Miguel raises some interesting question in his post on God-Directed Deviations, beginning with a quote from C.S. Lewis:

“The idea of churchmanship was to be wholly unattractive. I was not in the least anticlerical, but I was deeply antiecclesiastical. …But though I liked clergymen as I liked bears, I had as little wish to be in the Church as in the zoo. It was, to begin with, a kind of collective; a wearisome “get-together” affair. I couldn’t yet see how a concern of that sort should have anything to do with one’s spiritual life. To me, religion ought to have been a matter of good men praying alone and meeting by twos and threes to talk of spiritual matters.

Since exiting the IC awhile back and beginning a grand new adventure with God in a simple church context, we’ve come across more and more people who express sentiments like Lewis’ about the “traditional church.”   Does a viable alternative to “churchmanship” exist?  What do people who love Jesus and His Word and want to follow Him do when they don’t like “church”?  What do you do?