After reviewing Nehemiah recently, we asked folks what building a “wall of faith” looks like.  A lively discussion ensued, starting with “what does a wall of faith” mean? What does it involve, and why?  What kind of “building materials” are needed?  How and when does it start and where does it go?  What pitfalls or hazards should we be heads-up about?  Who watches our back, and how does that work?  What opposition can we expect?  Who do we enlist as allies, when and how?

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We passed around slips of paper and asked people to jot down some thoughts on the subject.  No names.  No editing.  The following is a compilation of some responses.

  • Seeing “church” as who I am 24/7, instead of some place I go once a week.
  • I can’t do it alone.
  • Instead of seeing “outreach” as events where people go in a building to listen to a “hired gun,” seeing “outreach” as going out, something that’s personal and daily and as natural as breathing.
  • Renewing my mind – thinking biblically instead of “Bible-versely.”
  • Learning to discern God’s voice, quieting down long enough to hear what He has to say and then do it.
  • Being intentional about slowing down and scheduling more time for solitude, digging deep in God’s Word.
  • “Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.”
  • Unplugging the TV and computer and other electronic gadgets, distractions.
  • Authenticity.  I don’t want to live my life according to a checklist, or someone else’s idea of what “Christian” should look like.
  • Not “doing church” or faith like a mannequin, mechanically going through the motions because it’s what’s expected, whether or not there’s any heart involved, but being wholly, fully engaged, every day.
  • Camaraderie, cleansing, surrender.
  • Being Jesus’ ‘hands and feet’ to others.
  • Serving according to my calling and gifting.
  • Full exercise of my spiritual gifts.
  • Conversational intimacy with God, minute by minute.
  • Being less caught up in “doing,” more focused on “being.”
  • Loving God with my whole heart, soul, strength and mind.
  • “Lord Jesus, I want more.  Not more liturgies, services, special events, pulpit series,  meetings, prayer groups or programming.  I want more of You.

Several expressed “exhaustion” or similar sentiments related to IC (institutional church) settings.  One asked, “Is that what a ‘walk of faith’ is about – busy, busy, busy?  Being burnt out to a crackly crunch?  Adding more stuff to your to do list so you can look ‘more spiritual’ than those with shorter lists? Didn’t Jesus say his yoke was easy, his burden light?

“When we think of sojourning together for a common purpose, writes Dan Allender in The Healing Path, “many Christians think only of `holding each other accountable’ – making sure (‘in love,’ of course) that everyone is doing their part for the kingdom.  But ‘accountability’ is so much more   … it is sitting back at the end of the day on the porch with other kingdom workers, laughing about Don’s earlier efforts not to embarrass the man talking to him, who had a chunk of ravioli stuck to his tie.  Or it is taking Kirk for his college band outfit and laughing until tears stream down our faces, and the retreat owner thinks we’re mad….  We are meant to weep together, marvel about each other, and with gratitude, let the sun set.  Accountability means to recount the day together.”


What say you?