Model-Ts.  Carbon paper.  Vinyl LPs.  Ever seen something so old, it’s “new”?

An IC recently launched a “new” Sunday night service.   The emphasis is on coming casual, sharing fellowship and food in a relaxing, mellow atmosphere without any preconceptions or prejudices.  It’s  “Real. Relevant.  Relational.”  It’s:

“A real place… to ask real questions about a real God in the context of real relationships.”

Think for a moment.  What this church has happened upon isn’t new at all.  Ironically, the model that’s being put forth is so old, it’s new.  It goes back to the first century, where “church” meant  meeting in a simple setting, in a simple place, centered around God and His Word.

More and more people are leaving the “institutional church” – four walls, a steeple, weekly programs based on age and gender in which paid professionals ‘lead’ flocks of spectators – and moving back to the Original New Testament Model: simple church (sometimes known as “house church” or “organic church.”)

They’ve discovered a model for church that’s so old, it’s new.   God bless ’em.  Welcome to the fold.