The first century model of church?  Meeting in a simple setting, in a simple place. In a simple church setting you can:

– Be yourself

– Participate fully

– Be active, not passive

– Engage rather than spectate

– Praise and worship as long as you want

– Teaching is interactive; dialogue, not monologue

– Ask questions

– Take as much time as you want or need

– Share one another’s burdens and problems beyond the superficial or quick

– Share testimonies and exhortations

– Mentor

– Strengthen each other

– Engage in spiritual warfare in effective ways that touch those in your midst, as well as in your families, schools, cities and communities

– Counsel and shepherd

– Fully exercise your gifts and calling

– Reprove and admonish when necessary

The flexibility and freedom of the “simple church” setting allows  others time and space to speak into your life.  To throw parties.  Laugh and play and eat together. Celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings and other milestones.  Simple church is a place to share our lives and grow in Christ.  It’s a place where  “I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine.”