From time to time we come across a resource that’s so exceptional that we don’t want to keep it to ourselves.  J. Lee Grady’s ground-breaking, newly revised and updated book, Ten Lies the Church Tells Women (Charisma House, 2006) is such a book.

The gospel was never intended to restrain women from pursuing God or to prevent them from fulfilling their divine destiny.

“Religious and cultural traditions have limited and abused women for centuries.  It is time for reformation!  Using sound biblical scholarship, J. Lee Grady will help you understand how cultural bias, male pride, and misinterpretation of the Bible have paralyzed women who are called to do the work of Christ.”

The updated version of Ten Lies the Church Tells Women will help you discover:

– Why Jesus went out of His way to minister to and disciple women.

– Why so many Christian women suffer in abusive marriages – and why many pastors don’t do anything about the problem.

– Why historic church leaders, including Martin Luther and John Calvin, believed women were inferior to men.

– How “the Pr. 31 women” has been misinterpreted to deny women opportunities in the workplace.

– How the apostle Paul, who told women in Corinth to “be silent,” also empowered many women to be church leaders.

– How the gospel of Jesus empowers women to claim their spiritual inheritance.

We’d add that more and more gifted, skilled, competent Christian women are leaving the traditional church – an environment that is all too often an “old boys club.”  They feel stifled.  Frustrated.  Bored.  Particularly those who are gifted for leadership.

Could simple church be an answer to those who seek to serve and minister based on their gifting and calling, rather than gender?