Going on two years* since we chose to leave the IC and began the grand and glorious adventure of following Him in transformational fellowship with Simple Church, what has God been doing?   What has He been up to lately?

In a word: PLENTY!

Here are a few random samples:

– We’re still “de-toxing” from the IC.  Patterns, presumptions, perspectives and models we clung to for nearly 50 years became so ingrained that they’re difficult to shed.  But God is good and His grace is sufficient.

– “Church” is no longer something we do or a place we go once a week, but who we are. Daily.

– Our fellowship has grown in grace and truth, digging into the Word regularly and deeply.

– Honest questions, open dialogue and discussion are encouraged.  Everyone has a chance to participate and contribute.  It’s okay to ask “Why?” or “How come?” or “Why not?”

– We’re able to “do life” together and grow and learn on a natural, daily basis that transcends the boundaries of a specific time and geographical location.

– If we want to sing every verse, we can!

– We’ve read books together, shared meals, seminars, CDs, picnics, hikes, and sunsets.

– Teaching has been a shared adventure, as has music.

– If we choose to meet on Tuesday night, Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, we do!

– Group think is boring.

– If we want to sing Christmas tunes in July, we dive right in!

–  We’re learning how to serve each other and our community according to our gifting and calling, without the hang-ups of hierarchies or “totem-pole” pecking orders.

– We practice the universal priesthood of ALL believers instead of  relying on paid clergy or artificial autocracies.

– Shared responsibility = shared growth and vision.

– The involvement and growth of children has been a special blessing.  One little guy recently chirped, “I’ve learned more in one year of Simple Church than I did in ten at the other church!”  God bless him.

– Joy!

– We’re not tied to a building.  If we want to meet at the beach, a wildlife refuge or another outdoor venue, we do!

– God is creative, marvelous, and masterful!  He delights in surprising us!

– Grace!

– Freedom and liberty in Christ!

– Buildings, budgets and bigshots don’t build His church.  Jesus does! (Mt. 16:18)

– Context is king and maps are cool!

– Flexibility is refreshing and dynamic.

– Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

– We have LOTS to learn!

– His grace is sufficient.

We can’t wait to see what God does next or where He leads!  Solo deo Gloria!


* We left the IC “emotionally” a few years ago.  It took awhile to fully respond to His heart tugs and physically depart the IC.  We haven’t looked back.