What a great weekend!  WA-HOO!

Good Friday included finger food, light snacks and a review of the MGM classic, Ben Hur (1959 – Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd).

Kids suggested celebrating Easter “out in the boonies” this year.  Per their request, we met at Bogachiel (a few miles from the state park) for an  outdoor  worship celebration.

Bogachiel is a couple hours away and the weather was a bit dodgy, but no one complained.  It was an exciting, dynamic and blessed day!

On Easter Sunday soaring cedar trees, singing streams, moss-festooned conifers and shy spring wildflowers provided a glorious backdrop to celebrate the Mightiest Moment in History – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.    Kids led singing and joined in reading the Easter narrative from portions of Matthew 27 and 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20.

Just before communion a kid pointed upward and hollered, “Look!  Look!”  Sure ‘nuf, he spotted the rainbow.  We celebrated communion and sang some more.  Kids and adults took turns selecting (and leading) grand old hymns or upbeat praise choruses – acapella!  (The squirrels didn’t seem to mind.  :))

After a shared meal,  kids scampered around on a “Truth (plastic egg) Hunt,” finding treasures from Scripture (inside the eggs, with candy) all over the place.  Hard to tell who had more fun – the adults hiding the “Scripture eggs”, or the kids looking for them!   Those who wanted to went hiking later.  It was a beautiful, memorable day glorying in the resurrected Savior.

Because “church” is who we are, not somewhere we go, The Sheepfold isn’t tied to one location or time slot.   We enjoy flexibility and creativity and the chance to “be the church” wherever we go.  Easter Sunday was a prime case in point.

Can’t wait to see what doors God opens and where He leads next!  He is risen!